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Examples of some of the current scholarships available.


Here are just a few of the programs available to SRUSA:

AA in General Studies
AA Early Childhood Education
AA School-Site Paraprofessional
ABA in Accounting
ABA in Business
ABA in Computer Information Technology
AS Criminal Justice Administration
AA Digital Media Design

B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8)
B.A. Early Childhood Education
B.A. Special Education (PK-12)
B.A. Mathematics (5-9 or 5-12)
B.A. Social Science (5-12)
B.A. Science (5-9)
B.A. Science (Chemistry, 5-12)
B.A. Science (Physics, 5-12)
B.A. Science (Biological Sciences (5-12)
B.A. Science (Geosciences, 5-12)
Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Criminal Justice

Early Childhood Education (Birth–Grade 3) with M.A.T. Degree
Special Education - Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (K–12) with M.A.T. Degree
Special Education - Learning Disabilities (K–12) with M.A.T. Degree

M.Ed. Learning and Technology
M.Ed. Instructional Design
M.Ed. Measurement and Evaluation
M.Ed. Athletic Coaching
M.Ed. Sports Management
M.Ed. International Education
M.Ed. Global Training & Development
M.A. Teaching Mathematics (K-6, 5-9 or 5-12)
M.A. Teaching Science (5-9 or 5-12)
M.A. English Language Learning (K-12)
M.A. in Teaching Mathematics (5-9 or 5-12)
M.A. in Teaching Science (5-9 or 5-12)
M.A. in Teaching Social Science (5-12)
M.S. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (K-12)
M.S. Educational Leadership
M.S. Elementary Reading and Literacy (K–6)
M.S. Elementary Reading and Mathematics (PreK–6)
M.S. Elementary Reading and Mathematics (K–6)
M.S. Integrating Technology in the Classroom (K–12)
M.S. Literacy & Learning in the Content Areas (6–12)
M.S. Mathematics (K–5)
M.S. Mathematics (6–8)
M.S. Middle Level Education (5–8)
M.S. Science (K–8)
M.S. Teacher Leadership (K–12)
M.S. Education - Special Education Endorsement (Emotional/Behavioral Disorders K–12 or Learning Disabilities K–12)
M.S. Special Education (PK-12)
M.S. Curriculum and Instruction
M.S. Training and Performance Improvement
M.S. Enrollment Management
M.S. Leadership for Higher Education
M.S. Instructional Design for Online Learning
M.S. K-12 Studies in Education
M.S. Leadership in Educational Administration
M.S. Post-secondary and Adult Education
M.S. Professional Studies in Education
M.S. Reading and Literacy
M.S. Early Childhood Education
M.S. School Counseling
M.S. School Psychology

Leadership in Educational Administration
Curriculum and Instruction
Early Childhood Education
Educational Leadership
E- Learning
English as a Second Language
Global Training & Development
Instructional Leadership
International Leadership
Leadership in Higher Education
Organizational Leadership
Special Education
Sports Management

Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning
Higher Education and Adult Learning
Teacher Leadership
Sports Management
Adult Leading and Workforce Education
Curriculum and Teaching
Early Childhood Education
Educational Leadership
English Second Language
Exceptional Student
Global Training
Higher Education Leadership
Reading and Literacy Leadership
Instructional Leadership
International Education
Organizational Leadership

K-12 Studies in Education
Postsecondary and Adult Education
Professional Studies in Education
Training and Performance improvement
Special Education leadership
Curriculum and Instruction
Leadership in Educational Administration
Leadership for Higher Education
Special Education Leadership
Instructional Design for Online Learning

And many more......