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We are an organization that addresses many of the student loan debt challenges facing our teachers through our scholarships for the future teachers. We are fully funded through a variety of organizations that believe in our mission to help make education affordable utilizing an assortment of programs that can assist in minimizing student loan debt and in some cases alleviate student loan debt payments and balances.

The strength of our program is in helping faculty and staff qualify for multiple programs. Some of the programs available provide the funds at the front end and some at the back end and it is important to know the requirements in order to avoid doing things that will make them ineligible. For many, sending faculty and staff to the official website will not be sufficient to ensure they qualify. In addition 30% of the applications are filled out incorrectly leading to applications being denied.

The reality is many individuals have heard about some of the programs we share; however, they do not know the requirements, what to avoid doing to ensure they don’t become ineligible for our scholarships for the future teachers, when to apply, and so much more that will help them to plan for the future and ensure they maximize their opportunities. Additionally, there are so many companies that have started charging teachers fees ranging from $500-$1000 for the same services we provide absolutely free. We don’t want your faculty and staff to pay for this type of service because they don’t know where to turn.

At Student Resource USA, we do everything in our power to raise the awareness through face to face presentations in faculty and staff meetings across America. We speak at new teacher orientations for school districts and provide materials in teachers' mailboxes ensuring they know where they can turn to get the help they need without being charged.

Jeremy Flores

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